Quick and Effortless Ways to Remove Old Helmet Decals

It’s about that time, folks…

Out with the old and in with the new! As the new football season quickly approaches, it’s time to get rid of those old decals and start fresh…


Whatever the reason may be, the process of getting new decals is always a bittersweet thing to most… obviously, you and your team want to look killer out on the field, but, the process of removing old decals can be a bit scary.

No need to worry though, we have some quick and easy solutions for you!

Depending on the quality and “sticky-ness” of your decal, you may just be able to take an old credit card, plastic knife or razor blade to peel the decal away from the helmet with little to no residue. Simply pry one edge of the decal with one of those utensils until you can get a grip on it with your fingers, then slowly peel away from the helmet!

For the more “tough and sticky” decals, you may be able to use a tough fishing line. As strange as it sounds, it really does work! Wind a length of line of each finger with about 8-9 inches of line in between. Then take the fishing line under the end of the decal and pull along the length of the decal using a “sawing like” motion. While doing this, you will cut through the adhesive to then remove the decal smoothly.

With the best quality decals, the adhesive will usually come up with the decal making the decal reusable for things like notebooks, phone cases, etc. But, if that is not the case…don’t worry! The removal is EASY… If you don’t have products like Goo-Gone or WD40 on hand, take warm vinegar and water mixed into a bowl and microwave until warm… not hot NOR boiling! Wet a rag with this mixture, then begin to rub off the excess adhesive. Once the adhesive is cleaned up completely, use a soap and water mix to clean off any left over residue.

NEVER use strong or solvent based liquids that can take off the paint or in any way damage the safety of your helmet!

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