“Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet?”

Let’s just go ahead and assume you’ve been asked this question more than once in the past few weeks and you’ve just laughed, hesitated to respond and/or just immediately changed the subject. Or perhaps you are one of those “on-top of their game” individuals who has a full blown list, including a timeline, of how you’re going to stick these said goals and exactly when they will be accomplished… And if so, CHEERS to you!

Either way, when reality sets in and you realize it’s a new year, naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is “What can I do better this year?” or “What can I change for the better this year?”… Though resolutions are often intended to last the entire year, they seldom do. As sad as that may be to say, the truth is hard to swallow and we all need a little motivation here and there!

When you’re about to eat that brownie, drink that can of Diet Coke, skip the gym or say a “curse” word when your dropped your iPhone on the ground, don’t get discouraged! As cliché as it may sound, reading a quote that applies to your life or “hits a soft spot” with something you are going through, it tends to mean something more to you.

So, when you’re feeling down or like you’re about to break your resolution, read these quotes and try to find the most positive outcome possible! That’s what a New Year is all about, right?

1. Always keep this in mind during a New Year… When-you-feel-like-Quitting

2. Apply this quote to YOUR situation when you feel like giving up… Giving-up.jpg

3. As “cheesy” as this may sound, it’s FULL of truth…!dream_hustle_1024x1024.jpg

4. This might be the most simple, yet truthful… STRIVE for that end goal!


5. This is BY FAR my favorite quote for a new year… Take this & reach your end GOAL!aaeaaqaaaaaaaaxqaaaajdjjnjiwyzjmltm0njutngi5ny04mdzhltvmntzhzgmxm2y1za.jpg



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