So, you’re ready to purchase your team uniforms, custom t-shirts, spirit wear, outerwear & so much more…but wait! How on earth are you supposed to choose the perfect ink for you? Did you even realize there were different ink types for custom apparel? Fret no more! This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about different forms of ink, and help you decide what’s best for your custom apparel!

What’s with the ink? We offer loads of different kinds of inks here at Sportdecals® and Teamwear1™. No matter your project, we have what you need! What ink is best for you? There 10 main kinds of inks we use during customization, each unique to fit whatever it is you’re looking for.


Dye Sublimation

  • A form of dying the fibers of the garment
  • Ultra-durable, will not peel or crack
  • Soft touch with no weight or feel
  • Unlimited colors
  • For light colored, 100% polyester garments only


Direct to Garment

  • A form of printing ink onto the garment, similar to an at home printer
  • Highly durable with long lasting image
  • Unlimited colors
  • Best ink to use for smaller quantity orders
  • For 100% cotton garments, only


Discharge Ink

  • Water based screen print ink
  • Gives the softest touch out of all screen print inks
  • Matches any PMS color including fluorescent colors
  • As the garment dulls, so will vibrancy of the ink
  • For 100% cotton garments, only


Plastisol Ink

  • A go-to versatile screen print ink
  • Matches any PMS color including metallic & fluorescent colors
  • Ultra-versatile ink option
  • Can be mixed with additives to change the look & feel including glitter
  • Can be applied to most fabric types


Plastisol Ink with Soft Additive

  • Turns the feel of traditional plastisol ink ultra-plush to the touch
  • Matches any PMS color
  • For light colored 100% cotton garments, only


Plastisol Ink with Spandisol Additive

  • Increases the elasticity of traditional plastisol
  • Ink will stretch with the garment
  • Matches any PMS color
  • For light colored synthetic elastic garments, only


Silicone Ink

  • Screen print ink with superior elasticity to stretch with the garment
  • Ultra-soft & pliable touch
  • Limited color selection
  • Best ink for high performance & smooth poly fabrics


Chino Ink

  • Brilliant bight & bold colors with a gloss finish
  • Screen print ink with a soft touch
  • Can match any PMS color & fluorescent colors for unlimited options
  • For 100% cotton garments, only


Mimaki Transfer

  • Perfect ink to make simple designs pop
  • Ultra-versatile ability to be applied to most fabric types
  • Can match an PMS color
  • Process that includes printing on white substrate


Vinyl Transfer

  • Can be applied to almost all fabric types with simple design
  • Ink is heated and transferred onto the garment
  • Colors appear uniform & consistent
  • Limited stock color supply
  • Sensitive to washing


Still feeling confused about what customization ink is best for your order? No worries! We have a staff of trained professionals ready to assist you in the decision. Education is key in selecting the right ink for you. In saying that, I hope you found this post educational and that it helped you choose what ink is best for your custom gear!

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