A Look Into the History of Baseball Helmets

Today, it’s hard to imagine a complete baseball uniform without the helmet. If a batter walked up to home plate missing that protective wear, spectators would hold their breath. Why would a player risk serious injury as balls whizzed by their head? Actually, for most of baseball’s history, players didn’t wear helmets at all—or at least not the helmets we think of today. According to Major League Baseball (MLB), it wasn’t until 1971 that players Read more…

By Tom Reding, ago
Helmet Decals

How to Apply Your New Helmet Decals

A brand-new season is almost here! But before you can run onto the field, chances are you need a great, new look to tie your uniform together. If you’re like many players, that means a snazzy, new decal applied to your helmet. There’s no need to hire a professional to stick a decal onto a helmet. In fact, all you need is a blank helmet, a new decal and a little patience. Then, just follow Read more…

By lowercontrol, ago